Tube Sales

Digital Printed Tubes

Photorealistic Graphics

High resolution photos for striking shelf appeal.

Engage your customers on a new level with personalization.

360° Decoration

Graphics can wrap completely around the tube for full coverage.

End-to-End Printing expands decoration space.

Unlimited Colors

Freedom of design with unlimited colors, shades, gradients and half-tones.

No printing plates or custom screen charges
Low MOQs for the cosmetic tube industry
Rapid response delivery time

Tube Material and Cap Styles

  • Multi-layer plastic (EVOH provides high barrier protection)
  • Flip-Top Caps
  • Flat Screw-on Caps

Available Tube Sizes

• 1oz / 30ml fill – 25mm diameter

• 2oz / 60ml fill – 35mm diameter

• 3oz / 90ml fill – 35mm or 39mm diameter

• 4oz / 120ml fill – 39mm or 40mm diameter

• 6oz / 180ml fill – 49mm or 50mm diameter

• 8oz / 240ml fill – 49mm or 50mm diameter