Digitally Printed Tubes Offer NBE Quality

When it comes to store-brands, private label manufacturers are under pressure to maintain the National Brand Equivalent or “NBE” look and quality of the line.  The NBE look is particularly challenging when it comes to developing cosmetic or personal care tubes for their store-branded counterparts.  That is because the decoration methods for tubes have proven to be a difficult task given the need to maintain costs, meet lead times and hit minimum order quantities.

For years, decoration for stock tube packaging has been limited to labels or silk-screen printing. Self-adhesive labels do not look as professional as surface printed tubes.  Labels present issues such as creases upon application, during the sealing process and even in use by the consumer causing an unsightly look and feel.

Silkscreen printing limits artwork space and this can prove especially difficult when you’re dealing with long ingredient listings and label regulations.  Furthermore, both labeling and silk screen artwork requires costly custom screens which results in a high cost per tube for small order quantities.  And most importantly, neither of these options meet the NBE standard.

Additionally, when a branded tube is merchandised alongside a store-branded tube that has a label or silk screen application the consumer may not perceive the product to be in keeping with the national brand.  And the consumer wants it both ways…national brand equivalent quality but for a lower price!

Private Labelers Can Achieve NBE Look and Unlimited Design with Digitally Printed Stock Tubes!

Now there is a flexible solution for your store-brand stock tube decoration – digitally printed stock tubes.  High-quality digital printing is here to stay and allows for the combination of benefits private label manufacturers desire such as cost-effective small order sizes, greater speed to market, and a nearly unlimited graphic design freedom. Also, digital printing does not require expensive screen changes or plate charges which is a key benefit for private label manufacturers who are the low-cost producers.

Lastly, retailers are infusing brand equity into their store-branded products which include supporting them with large promotional budgets, ad campaigns, and a customized packaging look and feel compared to that of the top brands.  In fact, for many mass chains, the store brand ranks among the top 3 brands in the store across multiple categories.  High quality, digitally printed stock tubes are the perfect complement to any tube needs.  We believe digitally printed stock tubes are a real game-changer for store-brands.

The Tube Source offers stock tubes in low MOQs with the fastest delivery time.  We can use existing artwork, or our Graphic Designers are on-hand to help create new or modify your existing designs. As a specialty company, we have focused 100% on the tube packaging industry for over 15 years. Get in touch with our team through our contact page, we are always happy to talk tubes!