Bring the power of digital decoration technology to your brand.

Low MOQ • Simple Pricing • Rapid Delivry


Level 1: Custom Tube Sales

Digitally Printed Cosmetic Tubes

Whether you sell your products online or via the shelves of your retail store, the allure and appeal of your products’ packaging can have a monumental impact on sales and brand awareness. At The Tube Source, we bring many years of expert cosmetic tube experience to help keep your company thriving. Our tubes are made from highly durable, multi-layered or recyclable plastics, and can be fully-customized to enhance the uniqueness and recognition of your brand.

  • Choose from unlimited colors, shades, gradients and half-tones
  • No additional charges for printing plates or custom screens
  • Photorealistic, high-resolution graphics that draw the eyes
  • Fully-wrapped 360 degree decoration for maximum visibility
  • Custom-printed tubes are available in a full range of sizes

Fastest Delivery and Low MOQs

  • Custom tubes printed, filled, sealed and delivered in weeks instead of months!
  • The Tube Source has low MOQs in the cosmetic tube industry

Level 2: Tube Filling and Sealing Services

State-of-the-Art Technology to Fill and Seal Your Squeeze Tubes

If your time is better spent promoting your line and increasing revenues, The Tube Source is here to ensure that your finished products are filled and sealed with absolute precision. We utilize the industry’s most advanced filling and sealing equipment, and perform a meticulous series of Quality Control inspections to verify that each unit is flawless. We offer both small and large-scale runs and work with multiple machines to prevent delays and production backlogs.

  • Competitive rates for small runs, product roll-outs and large-scale tube filling
  • Hot-air sealing technology yields exceptional quality and professional looking seals
  • Beautifully decorated tubes with detailed graphics and clean seals to distinguish your brand
  • Marketing tube samples available for quality inspection and new product concepts

Customized Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes that Make Your Products Pop!

There are mountains of research demonstrating the impact packaging has on sales. At The Tube Source we understand the many challenges facing both new and established businesses today, and offer a wide range of tube filling and sealing services to help you grow your brand and increase sales, affordably. We do not charge additional fees for setup, plates or custom screens, and offer low minimums to accommodate those in the process of launching new brands, SKUs and line expansions.

To learn more about our full offering of cosmetic and squeeze tube services, start a free quote, or request marketing samples featuring your company’s artwork, get in touch with our team by filling out our short contact form.