Digitally-Printed Cosmetic Tubes for health, beauty & personal care brands

 Get noticed, bring the power of technology to your brand. 

Level 1 : Tube Sales

Digitally Printed Tubes

Digitally-Printed Cosmetic Tubes

  • Unlimited colors, shades, gradients and half-tones
  • No printing plates or custom screen charges 
  • High Resolution Photorealistic Graphics
  • 360 degree Seamless Decoration

Fastest Delivery and Lowest MOQs

  • Custom printed tubes in weeks instead of months
  • Lowest MOQs in the cosmetic tube industry

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Level 2 : Tubes, Filling & Sealing

Decorated Tubes Filled & Sealed with your product

  • No machine to fill and seal your tubes?  No problem, our experienced technicians have access to the latest machinery advances.
  • Hot-Air Sealing technology will give your tubes the highest quality, most professional looking seals.
  • A beautifully decorated tube with top-of-the-line seal aesthetics will make your product stand out from the competition.

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Level 3 : Private Label Cosmetics Tubes

private label skincare

Custom branded skin care

Private label skincare products packaged in digitally-decorated squeeze tubes.

Great products best in tubes

Creams, lotions, and cleansers that work better in tubes compared to bottles or jars.

Speed to Market

Gain a competitive edge by launching new products in the least amount of time.

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